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Mirror,mirror on the wall


I lost. I didn’t win. I made it to the first 50. Somehow, I couldn’t make it to the first 20. This was my experience in Etisalat Easy Business competition in 2014. Before then, I was doing comic writing. Losing out in that competition took me back to the drawing board and look inwardly. Right
One day, I woke up and got fed up as an office manager. I became fed up with the routine job I had done over the years. 9-5 had suddenly become boring. I knew I was tired and needed something different that I could call my own. I resigned. At first, I gave beauty and
The fear of hunting made me think deeper of an escape route. The news I was hearing back home in Nigeria was somewhat disturbing. I couldn’t picture myself as part of the statistics of those queuing up in search of daily source of income. This was no pride; it was something I wouldn’t just do.
I wouldn’t know if there’s any correlation between architecture and fashion. Not so sure or maybe because I love drawing. That is one thing I know I really do so well. So, since I also love fashion, I decided to combine the two. You can imagine the switch from studying Architecture to doing fashion illustration.
I was met with cheers, eyes of admiration and hands clapping at what they saw. The heavy applause alone was enough to build anyone’s confidence. An onlooker would be sure that something remarkable had happened in my school that resulted into an outburst of cheers and admiration by the students and teachers. Earlier that week,
Unsure of what was ahead of me but I decided to make a move. I started the year 2010 with a lot of disengagement and distractions. Five years down the line, I began trying out a lot of experimentation and exploration on the use of environmental waste.  I worked on mixed media paintings with the
I have always lived in the land of the rising sun, the eastern part of Nigeria. Somehow, the thought of life after university was quite scary for me. It was a situation one could be left hanging. The fear of what to do with the professional life ahead of you and the huge expectation of
Overtime, I don’t just see well-designed buildings as a mere physical structure. I see a defined piece of timeless art. If there was an unofficial orientation I have had over the years, it should be the orientation that whatever I do, I do it well. It’s the perfectionist side of me that might irritate some
I didn’t plan it out. It all started as a hobby. I loved cooking and baking as a young little girl. As little as I was, I discovered I have the passion for making cakes. I could do it effortlessly without any hassles.  Years passed and I took the professional path to be trained as


Meet my new friend, Zita. She is one of the most beautiful humans I’ve met in 2018. Last Friday was her mom’s birthday so after I closed for the day, I decided to go celebrate my friend with a beautiful soul. On getting to their house, I couldn’t keep my eyes and hands off baby


You cannot talk about Fortune Nwaeze without talking about her love for colours and creativity. I didn’t grow up wanting to be a painter. It’s only in recent times are we seeing women who are now painters and it is still not very common.  Painting was more of an inbuilt love. I wasn’t born with
I started balding badly due to the stress at work . Over time, I noticed the centre of my head was losing hair. I went to the hair store and bought the products I could find. Still, I was still curious to get products here in the United States that can grow hair and also
Meet my new friend, Zita. She is one of the most beautiful humans I’ve met in 2018. Last Friday was her mom’s birthday so after I closed for the day, I decided to go celebrate my friend with a beautiful soul. On getting to their house, I couldn’t keep my eyes and hands off baby


You sit down with your hand supporting your jaw. In recent times, your pocket has been lying shamelessly to you all through this year of pandemic. It was unimaginable that something as simple as adding one and two together has been giving you twelve, clearly different from the law of mathematics. To worsen the situation,
Early this year, I was on my way to the Island. I joined one of those private cars that some men usually use as cabs in the morning. I was at the back seat and as usual I was busy with my phone. From the conversation between the driver and the passenger in the front
Circa – 2018 Dear beautiful girl, My name is Onyinye. I am not 22. I’m not 23. I’m not even 24. Rumour has it that some ladies lie about their age but in my own case, reverse is the case. I see rolling of eyes, I see endless laughter, I see funny smiles – all


Dust danced in the air, erasing every available moist in the atmosphere. The unsettled dust in the atmosphere was a replica of my story. The scorching sitting in the sky had been brandishing heat mercilessly. The crowd moving in different uncoordinated directions was the wrong people to ask for the direction to the path that
The sprouting of seeds and crops on my grandmother’s farm had awakened the harvest season. The hedges curved in an ascending view facing the sky are lined up in an orderly manner on her farm. An aerial view of her big farm from the balcony of our duplex makes it seem like greenery with leaves
I remember the day I took a long walk of uncertainty to the shores of this river after I was heartbroken. It was the longest walk I had ever taken in my life. Longest, not in distance but the multiple rate at which my heart was beating as I walked through the narrow path leading


ROAR I died a thousand times at the mere thought of them.The blinding pool of light swarming around me did not help my dreadful situation even one bit.Rather, it turned out as though it was gloating over my misery.The faces of the things I feared shrunk me an inch lower every time they confronted me.In

About me


Onyinye Ubah is a writer of short stories, poems and a screen writer currently working on her debut novel. Though people refer to her as a writer, she prefers to be called a storyteller as fictions has been the field of writing she has been exploring for some couple of years.

Being a graduate of Mass Communication from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, she has since been exploring the field of communications. Her works has been featured in Moncoeur anthology and many other blogs. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends. She is also a member of International Toastmasters.