Onyinye Ubah


The veil of her innocence is torn into two,
From the topmost to the tail end of her precious white lace,
Like the temple curtain on the crucifixion night,
Introducing her to another world she was unprepared for.

She sits in her cage like a bird,
Barren in speech but pregnant with words,
Her sight is only set in gloom of circles,
Blind to the rose coloured spectacles around her.

She lies like a wounded chicken in pain,
Beaten heavily by the incessant night rain,
Unlocking deep waters from her red eyes,
That cascades tears like a fall.

The Recurring decimals of pains ,
Taking her on a dark swoop whenever she was lonely,
Sending her soul on a dreadful journey,
She always hopes to forget nonetheless.

Yet this gruesome experience,
Has dug a valley outspread and vast,
Between two phases of life so dense,
That no one can bridge to the very last.

Oh innocent sweet child, as beautiful as a dove,
Has become another victim of the beast even before she blossoms,
Leaving her to figure out a painful dance steps,
Of a rhythm too rigorous for her comprehension.

Her pains began that moment the monster in the clothes of a beast,
Stole the divine treasures of her virginity when she was yet a child,
Against her will because he claimed he was thirsty,
Leaving her poor innocent soul to the vultures for a feast.

In time, she fights for her dignity like an amazon,
Till her soul leads the cavalry to freedom,
Now bringing buckets of water from a well,
To other victims left to die in hell.

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One Response

  1. Awesome. The experience of a rape victim is one filled with heavy and painful memories. It is truly a survivor and Amazon that can come forward and openly share the story and help fight the scourge to purge the society of the monsters that perpetrate this evil act. Nice Onyi

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