Onyinye Ubah

Sip and Paint: The fun route to arts and therapy

The sip and paint concept has been alive for almost a decade in the United States. I have been to several sessions and really enjoyed the atmosphere and how therapeutic it is! During the covid-19 lockdown in Lagos, I began to visualise it.  The picture of the concept began to take a form and I […]

Denye Ayah, the travel aficionado!

As much as I’d love to think travelling and experiencing different cultures was my idea. I grew up wanting to be my father. He’s been virtually everywhere. So, when I got the opportunity to travel, I found myself following his footsteps and realized I loved it! As much as I have made some money off […]

Revving Up your food, plates and palates!

One day, I woke up and got fed up as an office manager. I became fed up with the routine job I had done over the years. 9-5 had suddenly become boring. I knew I was tired and needed something different that I could call my own. I resigned. At first, I gave beauty and […]


I was met with cheers, eyes of admiration and hands clapping at what they saw. The heavy applause alone was enough to build anyone’s confidence. An onlooker would be sure that something remarkable had happened in my school that resulted into an outburst of cheers and admiration by the students and teachers. Earlier that week, […]


You love yummy pictures of food, right? They make you suddenly go hungry and salivate? You are not wrong anyway. Unknowingly to a lot of people, behind every yummy and tasty looking picture of food that you see, there is lots of tremendous work done behind the scene. The life of a food artist requires […]


It all started in my secondary school days. Those were the days when Nokia 6212 was still trendy and the in-thing. So, I remember taking pictures of myself and my classroom with that phone. It was a simple phone though, but the pictures were quite outstanding to me. In 2015, I went for a computer […]


Circa – 2018 Dear beautiful girl, My name is Onyinye. I am not 22. I’m not 23. I’m not even 24. Rumour has it that some ladies lie about their age but in my own case, reverse is the case. I see rolling of eyes, I see endless laughter, I see funny smiles – all […]


My resignation as a banker came as a shock to everyone around me. There was this yearning in me to do something I really enjoyed. I wanted something I could put in my best and become distinguished in. The funny thing was that despite the fact I resigned, I was still not very sure of […]

Meet Uzoma, a lady that turns breast milk into liquid gold!

Oh yeah! These are all my breast milk! I call them my Liquid Gold. This is actually my second experience on exclusive breastfeeding. ……. What’s my superpower? My two sons:  JJ & TJ made me realise I had a lot of talents embedded in my super powers when they both came into my world. Little […]