Onyinye Ubah


The very first time I gave a shot to the idea of providing weapon in a movie, I had never gone back since then. My first weapon prop was made with hundred percent plastazote foam and it turned out quite well. Funnily, I did not start off in the movie industry as a provider of […]


I am a pharmacist but on the other hand, photography is an escape. It is one of those subtle ways to keep my sanity. It all started when in I was in college. I belonged to a group that required me to take photos. From there, I saw myself taking pictures of anything I considered […]

The Fusion Of Fine Arts Photography And Fascination

It all started at about the age of 13. It was from there it progressed to where I am at the moment. After I got my first camera, I began tottering into the world of photography. Before then, I used to draw and animate. In time, photography became a hobby. It’s quite funny it was […]

Out of this world!

Take it or leave it, I have always been super creative since I was born. I started drawing when I was seven. I drew a lot of cartoon characters, especially from the Super Strikers and Cartoon network comic series. I didn’t really pay much attention to it till I got into secondary school. In year […]


The atmosphere changed into a mild shock and surprises. The silence that lasted only a split second before their voices burst out into a loud cheer. This happened on my first day at work. My boss had asked me to sketch the design for a kitchen cabinet so he could write dimensions on it. I […]

Knitting The Triplets Of Digital Arts

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to draw contents I see in Marvel comic books and popular animation characters. Those days, I was a child who was known for drawing with my pencil on papers. After my University education, I worked in a bank for a few years. Truly, I was earning […]

The Fusion Of Food And Fashion

At about the age of nine, I developed an interest in cooking. From when I was a little girl, I could be found hovering around the kitchen. Before long I started making simple meals like eggs and cooking rice. By the time I was a teenager, my family became the beneficiaries of my kitchen exploits. […]

Popping melanin With A Flash

On one certain day, I was standing close to a house that was demolished. Everyone around me brought out their phones to capture the picture of the demolition. As weird as it might sound, I always had the fear of using my phone to take a picture. Surprisingly, that day was quite different. I could […]


Meet my new friend, Zita. She is one of the most beautiful humans I’ve met in 2018. Last Friday was her mom’s birthday so after I closed for the day, I decided to go celebrate my friend with a beautiful soul. On getting to their house, I couldn’t keep my eyes and hands off baby […]


One of the most memorable events in life are the ones that we never planned for. On that Sunday morning, there was a red carpet at the entrance of the church with ushers on both sides who welcomed me with both smiles, handshake and ovation like I was a super star. In my imagination, I […]