Onyinye Ubah

Sip and Paint: The fun route to arts and therapy

The sip and paint concept has been alive for almost a decade in the United States. I have been to several sessions and really enjoyed the atmosphere and how therapeutic it is! During the covid-19 lockdown in Lagos, I began to visualise it.  The picture of the concept began to take a form and I […]

Harry Uzoma Dunkwu, the Artpreneur: The Combo Of Arts and Entrepreneurship

I lost. I didn’t win. I made it to the first 50. Somehow, I couldn’t make it to the first 20. This was my experience in Etisalat Easy Business competition in 2014. Before then, I was doing comic writing. Losing out in that competition took me back to the drawing board and look inwardly. Right […]


I was met with cheers, eyes of admiration and hands clapping at what they saw. The heavy applause alone was enough to build anyone’s confidence. An onlooker would be sure that something remarkable had happened in my school that resulted into an outburst of cheers and admiration by the students and teachers. Earlier that week, […]

finding treasures in junk and waste

Unsure of what was ahead of me but I decided to make a move. I started the year 2010 with a lot of disengagement and distractions. Five years down the line, I began trying out a lot of experimentation and exploration on the use of environmental waste.  I worked on mixed media paintings with the […]

The Mystery of Illusions Giving Reality A hot Chase!

My notebook in primary school then was full of spider man drawings and would get into trouble a lot in class. Just the way most artists started, I started watching lots and lots of cartoons and then try to redraw it. In time, I started off as a comic book writer professionally because my drawing […]

Naija to the world: Creating Our Own Disney and much more!

Just to correct something that many people always seem to confuse. I am an illustrator and not an animator. Animation involves moving pictures on screen, like Tom and Terry but illustration involves creating still images, the type you see in children’s storybooks. Drawing has been a part of me since I was a kid. I […]


It began one day, quite unplanned. Thoughts began to spin in my head and then I tried to put those thoughts into action. There are things no one teaches you. They come natural. All of a sudden, you see an idea knitting in your head. You begin to put one and two together, and then […]