Onyinye Ubah

Nina Abosi: Spearheading A Fashion Ensemble!

It was a Wednesday evening I got an unexpected call from my client requesting to see some of the finished project he had earlier contracted to me. I explained to him that we agreed on a timeline  as I needed to clear my desk and face the project. Guess it didn’t go down with him […]


Building a handmade jewelry business is not a walk in a park. It’s hard but it’s not impossible. I used to work in a bank but wanted to own my time. Time is a treasure and should be seen as an investment that yields profit after a while. I started exploring what I could do […]

Abisola Eboda: Redefining the fashion of Ankara bag

It was the first 6 months ASUU strike in 2013. One evening, I and my friends were having a conversation in the hostel when a girl walked into our room and said she taught people how to make bags. Everyone signed up for it but I was never around because I went to weddings almost […]

The Lady, her jewellery and the glitters.

In the beginning, whenever I introduced myself and my brand, most of people would laugh and ask me to confess that I buy my pieces from abroad and just label my brand name on it. It was a struggle.  Or some others would send their plastic or beaded jewellery to me for me to fix which […]

A Standing Ovation to the Made- in-Naija bag for the world!

The fear of hunting made me think deeper of an escape route. The news I was hearing back home in Nigeria was somewhat disturbing. I couldn’t picture myself as part of the statistics of those queuing up in search of daily source of income. This was no pride; it was something I wouldn’t just do. […]


I wouldn’t know if there’s any correlation between architecture and fashion. Not so sure or maybe because I love drawing. That is one thing I know I really do so well. So, since I also love fashion, I decided to combine the two. You can imagine the switch from studying Architecture to doing fashion illustration. […]


I lived most of my childhood with my grandmother in Edo. She had some beads (corals) which were quite different from the beads that I saw at that time. I became curious and asked some questions about them. Of course, human beings are naturally curious but a child’s curiosity is way higher than normal. She […]


I came into the fashion industry by coincidence. I came to Ghana when I was 17 as a football player. Funnily, I studied Sports, Management and business in the Netherlands but fashion has taken over everything now. When I was 21, I took over a volunteering organization and started organizing volunteering work for International youth […]