Onyinye Ubah

LOST AND FOUND May 16, 2020 – Posted in: Landscape Storytelling

Dust danced in the air, erasing every available moist in the atmosphere. The unsettled dust in the atmosphere was a replica of my story. The scorching sitting in the sky had been brandishing heat mercilessly. The crowd moving in different uncoordinated directions was the wrong people to ask for the direction to the path that leads home. The decision was in my best interest. Even from afar, I could smell the stench of lost oozing…

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AERIAL VIEW OF MY GRANDMOTHER’S FARM – Posted in: Landscape Storytelling

The sprouting of seeds and crops on my grandmother’s farm had awakened the harvest season. The hedges curved in an ascending view facing the sky are lined up in an orderly manner on her farm. An aerial view of her big farm from the balcony of our duplex makes it seem like greenery with leaves looking like a canopy umbrella. The beautiful aerial view takes you on a journey to your ancestral root. On her…

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GO EASY – Posted in: Landscape Storytelling

I remember the day I took a long walk of uncertainty to the shores of this river after I was heartbroken. It was the longest walk I had ever taken in my life. Longest, not in distance but the multiple rate at which my heart was beating as I walked through the narrow path leading to the river. I had booked a healing appointment with nature. On approaching the river, the reddish orange sun stood…

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