Onyinye Ubah

Teacher Chike: The Maverick Nigerian Teacher going Global!

“I always wanted to be a medical doctor. As a teenager, every academic move I made was towards the medical field. I had no inkling of ever going into the teaching profession. Besides, there was no teacher on the social media space I could look up to. The twist came when I gained admission into […]

Nina Abosi: Spearheading A Fashion Ensemble!

It was a Wednesday evening I got an unexpected call from my client requesting to see some of the finished project he had earlier contracted to me. I explained to him that we agreed on a timeline  as I needed to clear my desk and face the project. Guess it didn’t go down with him […]


Building a handmade jewelry business is not a walk in a park. It’s hard but it’s not impossible. I used to work in a bank but wanted to own my time. Time is a treasure and should be seen as an investment that yields profit after a while. I started exploring what I could do […]

Eno Oduok: Creating An Online Haven for Nigerian Creatives

Everywhere around the world, Nigerians are constantly making waves. In the world of creativity, Nigerians are not left out. It is practically impossible to mention top creative people in the world in any field in the world without seeing a Nigerian on that list. Impossible!  But then, there seem to be few umbrella communities in […]


Makeup came into my life as a refuge and an escape. I was going through a lot that year and I just needed a release. I wanted something different from everything else in my life and makeup was it for me. The fact they I could change my look at any given time was everything […]

Oluchi Nsofor’s life behind Sounds And Scenes

I grew up watching Television shows. I was a large consumer of T.V shows and media content as little as I was. I would try to mimic whatever I was watching and guess those were the little things that drew me into the media. The attraction to audios and visuals was overwhelming. As far back […]