Onyinye Ubah

Facebook just asked me what’s on my mind and the only thing that came to my mind was my weekend and my Facebook.

Did I have a great weekend? Oh yes! Was it eventful? Oh yes, but not in the way you can imagine. These days,I really calculate myself before hitting the road. The economy seems to be funny that once you open your door, at least,N6000 drops from your pocket without a valid explanation.

As the weekend was fast approaching, something happened. My phone became busier and I spent more time on social media. From Friday morning, intelligent conversations came back to back from old friends and new ones. Though I’ve always known this, but I understood more that growth comes from networking. I spent hours on Facebook calls having conversations that opened my mind to various aspects of life. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the uptight kind of discussions, though. It was a blend of humour and wisdom.(For me, conversations must go hand in hand with humour)

Come to think of it, who doesn’t feel awkward when Facebook brings up old pictures or article we wrote some years ago? If not that we have our names attached to it, you may be tempted to deny it was you. Did I forget to mention that I went through my inbox from 2010 and marvelled at the changes that has happened – a lot!  Gone are the days I spend endless hours looking at all the newsfeed on my timeline. These days, priority is key.

Facebook,for me, has moved from the era of just making and catching up with friends and family to a platform where you pick people’s brain and better yourself in any area of your choice. You don’t watch a masquerade from just one location, there is need for a change.

So,I had a great weekend of friendship and learning, after all!

Photo credit: Nofuchu studio

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