Onyinye Ubah

Unsure of what was ahead of me but I decided to make a move. I started the year 2010 with a lot of disengagement and distractions. Five years down the line, I began trying out a lot of experimentation and exploration on the use of environmental waste.  I worked on mixed media paintings with the use of environmental and discarded materials. My hands were always working on window blinds, canvas, clothes pieces, acrylics, junk metals, calabash and other materials to explore in my arts. In time, it became clear to me I had a knack for making use of waste to create works of arts in diverse forms and media. Most of my arts are in abstraction and silhouette expressions.

Being self taught, I began to paint on blinds by laying the blinds on board. After that, I would prime it up with paint and bond just like preparing a stretched Canvas. Then, after priming, I will plan my sketch on it.  Next, is to paint the necessary part and introduce motif on it. Some part will require pieces of clothes which I will gum to it.

The stepping stone that triggered me to junks metal sculptures, mixed media and metal works was when I realised my passion for creative explorations in dead and dry wood, shrubs, bamboos and twigs. I tried to adapt and adopt some of the locally available materials to execute works of arts that can be hanged on a wall or placed on a table.

In my own view, I actually see myself as a born artist. The passion for arts started way back in my primary school when I would draw for my teachers and classmates. It was so easy for me that as young as I was, I considered it as fun. Ever since then, I have garnered more passion and commitment for art till I got to secondary school and realized that it could be studied as a profession. Then, along the way, a mini drama happened. It got a point in my secondary school days where my school was not ready to employ a fine art teacher. I was quite discouraged because there was no teacher to prepare me for Fine Art in my WAEC. We were left with no option than to register for agricultural science. Luckily for us, before the closure of WAEC registration, we got a new Fine art teacher.  

I was discouraged at the first instance with the environment but I tried to double up and encouraged myself to keep working. Sincerely the major challenges I have been facing till moment is how I can be more connected to right Art collectors, buyers, Art galleries, hotels and philanthropist.

I have participated in several groups and art competitions – local and international shows. I was privileged to be one of the best 100 selected artists in 2018 and 2019 at the LIFE IN MY CITY ARTS FESTIVAL – a National Arts festival in Nigeria with it headquarters in Enugu, Nigeria. It was a virtual exhibition organized by Vivid Arts gallery. I also participated in the first miniature art exhibition, a group exhibition organized by Ogirikan and Iwalewa art gallery in Surulere, Lagos. Art love show, a group exhibition of 24 artists Lagos. ArtMosphere in Akure.

In years to come, I see myself as a great Artist in the future with full dedication and commitment in exploring more in the field of arts as a mentor to the upcoming artists. I see myself as a great artist and arts evangelist. But at the moment, you can as well call me an expressionist because I work according to my innate feelings and thoughts.

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