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Would it be an exaggeration to say that I have baking all my life? Can I ever stop talking about how baking saved me from the scourge of unemployment and the lost hope of pursuing a good paying job?

I had a sweet tooth since I was a little girl. That prompted me to wanting to know more about snacks like cake and other pastry. Over the years, baking became a hobby as I was always practicing in the kitchen till my family members nicknamed me ‘Kitchen practical. After my University education, I proceeded to a confectionery school where I got more knowledge about baking for three months.

In 2016, I finally got the courage to start my baking business. Honestly, building my customer base wasn’t easy from the onset it wasn’t a popular brand. Those were the times I should have thought of giving up and surprisingly, I didn’t. But, there is something about passion that keeps you going even when you seemed caged by disappointments.

Today, that’s no longer the story. Baking is now a profitable business if you know your onions. At the moment, we hold free online classes which are open to the general public bi-annually. We also have a program called ‘Free Basic Bread Making’ where more than 500 people participated. I also offer consultation to those that need support in finding their edge in the baking industry as well as holding free webinars where a lot of questions are addressed in regards to baking as a whole.

Despite all these milestone achievements over the years, challenges are not left out. It is okay to say that it is part of every business. The price competition is a battle every baker fight daily. There are those who simply do not know the tricks and trade of the business and would go as far as under pricing themselves just to sell. The other challenge is bad roads which hinders the delivery of cakes. Whenever a cake leaves the bakeshop for delivery, my heart is always up and high until it gets to its destination in one piece.

Notwithstanding, I see my brand becoming a household name with all the latest knowledge in the art of cake making. Consistency and hard work will take me there, hopefully.

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  1. Am not really a nigerian ..but i must say…am really blessed by your inspiration and tutions ..and the patience you have to explain things… God richly bless u beyound ur imagination

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