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Not in a million worlds would I ever think of having anything to do with papers. It was on one of those days I was trying to figure out what to do with life after studying Business Management in the University of Sunderland. Life was quite fast for me and grabbing hold of exactly what I wanted was a mirage. At the age of 14, I was already done with secondary school. By the age of 18, I was done with my university education and by 20, I saw myself in the corporate world. Despite the speed and accomplishments, I wanted more. You know this state you find yourself at a point you feel unsatisfied. It was during those moments that I stumbled into an advert on paper craft making.

I followed my instincts and went for the training. My love for making magic with colours and papers immediately came into limelight. While still in the paper craft training, I went beyond the provisions of the training and was already thinking outside the box. I saw myself creating designs in my head anytime I see a movie, social media and derive joy from replicating designs I see anywhere

The next phase I found myself was pro bono. Obviously, paper decorations are quite new in Nigeria. It took consistency to sell the idea to people. It’s more like selling ice cream to Eskimos. Most people at first couldn’t’ wrap their heads around the idea of making long-lasting designs of flowers, butterfly and business names with mere fancy papers. Then, social media came to my rescue.  I ran numerous adverts for my work and little by little, it started creating some kind of curiousity in the minds of people.  At first, most people thought it was just a mere wall paper we see around. So, trying to convince them it was a design that could stand on its own was another job entirely.

In the minds of people around me, the concept of making designs with papers became worrisome to them. They couldn’t imagine how I could make good money from flower, emboss, vinyl and different kinds of papers. Somehow, my mother’s belief in me despite all odds has actually kept me going. The beauty of starting it from anywhere is one of the many advantages of this paper craft but the job of cutting it is quite tedious. Like most entrepreneurs, it’s been a bumpy ride with many victories too.

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