Onyinye Ubah

I remember the day I took a long walk of uncertainty to the shores of this river after I was heartbroken. It was the longest walk I had ever taken in my life. Longest, not in distance but the multiple rate at which my heart was beating as I walked through the narrow path leading to the river. I had booked a healing appointment with nature. On approaching the river, the reddish orange sun stood above the river. Transfixed at the calmness of the river, my eyes travelled the length and breadth of the river as my enraged soul continued to boil in grief. Everyone had told me that time would heal my soul but there I was still licking my wound that looked rather fresh.

‘Take it easy, a better man will come.’

Those were the comforting words of my mother. The plea to take it easy with my woes were easier said than done. The echoes of his bass voice on the day he told me our love story was over still reverberated in my ears even after hundreds of days had gone by. I haven’t forgotten how I stood in front of the oval mirror for many hours questioning everything. Yea, I even questioned my existence. Without knowing it, life itself began looking oval to me – not round and not too square. Overtime, crooked lines of tears was always seen journeying down my face.

On that day I came to this river, surprisingly, I anticipated nothing. All I wanted was for my eyes to view the sight and sound of nature and possibly, give it an oval interpretation.

The longer I stood at the shores, the lighter I felt. A gentle wind blew across my enraged soul. First, there was a struggle as my soul resisted. The constant gentle wind persevered until it penetrated after my soul surrendered. The wind repeatedly kissed my thick thighs and my hair dance to it’s rhythm. In total surrender, I allowed tears to flow from my eyes freely without any interruption.

It was a good sign. As I was about to leave, I saw a group of birds fly in unison towards the reddish orange sun. It was a beautiful and easy formation.

‘ Go easy, birds. Go easy.’ I whispered.

I turned and walked through the narrow path. It was a long walk of freedom back to my house.

Photo Credit: Global Air Media

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2 Responses

  1. Shared similar experience sometime ago when I made the gentle breeze and whispers from the bird’s chirps at Jabi lake my closest ally. It was truly a therapy for self emancipation from near insanity.

  2. We find Solace in the strangest places…
    Sometimes, all we need is “me time” and a place that resonates with our heart.

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