Onyinye Ubah

My journey into photography started after a little competition where I submitted a picture of the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos in 2018. The response, comments and criticism pushed me to add some seriousness to the craft. I fell in love with photography after I won the competition.

As a person, I have always appreciated pictures and my love for highlighting her beauty and arts. This love stems from taking raw pictures of objects and transforming them into something different. After a while, I felt I could do something with so much detail about life in nature.

Landscape photography, unlike other forms of photography tells a lot of compelling stories. It is a means of showing people another form of life that exist in other part of the world might not have visited. Unbeknownst to them, these pictures give them an idea of what a place looks like before they actually go there. It is really an amazing feeling because you get to see beautiful landscape and a distinctive level of creativity.

My love for photography is beyond an occupation. It was first a hobby for me before taking it up seriously. Besides, I take a great delight in taking pictures of the atmosphere around me. Apart from the ecstasy, photography is a sort of memory book for me. IT is a means of storing up stories of places where I have been. That alone is priceless. This priceless feeling has actually made me to become enthusiastic about the need to take a picture everywhere I go. Amazingly, I have noticed that the most beautiful pictures are the ones not planned for. They actually come out really beautiful.

Nevertheless, there was a period I paused in taking photography but I can confidently state that I never gave up. The pause was because I felt I needed a different level of creativity especially with colours.

I love playing around with colours a lot because that’s what gives the pictures a meaning. Some of my pictures are monochrome with a slight touch of other colours. These colour diversity stems up from my thought process, details of the pictures and my instincts as well.

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