Onyinye Ubah

Oh yeah! These are all my breast milk! I call them my Liquid Gold. This is actually my second experience on exclusive breastfeeding.

……. What’s my superpower?

My two sons:  JJ & TJ made me realise I had a lot of talents embedded in my super powers when they both came into my world. Little by little, we were able to make another memory in 3 months

My husband: I am grateful for his encouragement and staying awake with me at 12am when I do my last pumping. You heard me right!

Pediatrician: Breast milk lasts 1 year from the day it was produced. All the breast milk storage bags are labelled with the date of production.

Women: This is not for showing off… Here’s to encourage other females and challenge those that gave up on exclusive breastfeeding. There are a lot of health benefits for mom and baby.

Medela : For the most efficient breast milk pump any woman can ask for

After baby TJ is weaned, the rest will be donated to babies who are in need of breast milk

Here’s the process:

So I pump 5 times in a day. I discovered that the more you pump, the more you stimulate and tell the body you need more milk. I time myself for 20 minutes each time I pump.

Drink a lot of water shortly before I pump (Water turns into liquid Gold *breast milk*)

I drink oatmeal with milk every morning or night time (or twice daily) likewise tea (Milo and milk)

The days I don’t drink oatmeal, I eat lactation cookie as supplement.

I take Fenugreek vitamin every morning just one pill.

That’s just about it… On some days, I get lazy but it’s worth it! So every day, I challenge myself to save 2 while baby TJ still has fresh milk for the day. The ones I saved are for when I start work, hopefully. I use Medela Pump.

Again, drink and drink water! Also you need a pumping bra for easy pumping of the liquid gold as well in order to free your hands.

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7 Responses

  1. This is just incredible! She is a superwoman! Those photos should be kept for her sons to see later. They will definitely appreciate their mom for the effort to make the liquid gold available on demand.

  2. Awesome experience by you!

    So encouraging.

    Would have asked my wife to give birth again buy COVID 19 that took my job won’t allow unless you help me out.

    I so much liked your post.

    Well done.

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