Onyinye Ubah

I have always wanted to be world famous. I always held that picture in my mind where I would stand in front of a crowd and they would watch me perform. There was just something me and the dream of standing in front of a large crowd. During my teenage years, I thought I was going to be the best defence lawyer in Nigeria. The dream to study law did not come true but music and the opera did.

It all started from my days in the church choir. I was introduced to classical music and I fell in love with it instantly. Though I enjoy other genres of music, I am more passionate about classical music. It was a great opportunity that I grabbed which opened more doors for me. Love for classical music made me enroll into Muson School of Music. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that Classical Music led me to study Music. There, I met brilliant and passionate colleagues and great scholars who I drew more knowledge from. There, I kept on seeking opportunities to advance my career.

My dream of becoming an opera singer led me to study Music in Truman State University in the united States of America. I went on to do my Masters at the University of Central Missouri and I am currently doing my Doctorate at West Virginia University.

At a point, I had my downtime where I almost gave up the pursuit. The simple truth is that I have come to find out that most people climbing the ladder of their career face it at one point or the other. In any field of passion, there will be days when you don’t seem to see light at the end of the tunnel. For me, I take a rest when I am overwhelmed and then keep at it afterwards. As an opera singer, the willingness to be great wouldn’t let me rest on my oars.

In line with my dream of standing on a stage, I always get excited to perform on any stage no matter how big or small. At times, I still feel nervous when I sing though but I have worked on it to a large extent. I remember not long ago when I had just won a competition here in the United States and they held a winner’s concert. I remember feeling so in my game. Then, singing at the Experience, a yearly annual concert organized by The House On the Rock church was one of my glorious day. There are a lot of them and I look forward to more.

Despite all these, an average opera singer is usually saddled with the challenges like auditioning, funding and finding a balance for personal life. Through the years, I have learnt to find my voice and stay with the forces despite discouraging words.

I hold onto the idea of staying with my own kind of beautiful. Classical music was what I always wanted to do, so I stubbornly stick to it.Looking back, becoming an opera singer is a dream come true.

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