Onyinye Ubah

I grew up watching Television shows. I was a large consumer of T.V shows and media content as little as I was. I would try to mimic whatever I was watching and guess those were the little things that drew me into the media.

The attraction to audios and visuals was overwhelming. As far back as the age of four, I always found myself mimicking musicians or artist. The joy of replicating or reproducing what I had always listened to was such a great delight. Putting all these together, you can see that the tendency to be a media girl has always been there. From childhood, there has been this love of making a duplicate of what I have always loved, which has translated into a bigger picture of what I actually do today.

Growing up, I got into the university to study Mass Communication, I got bored with classes and theories. The adventurous part of me knew there was more to the theory side of communication. I decided to explore. I found myself in the radio station of my school in my first year. That, of course, became my new home. There, I became a radio producer and started media jobs like jingles and scripting . After my graduation, I evolved. I evolved into a bigger creative. I started out as a radio presenter, doing audio production. Next, I went into jingle. At a point, I became a creative director for a magazine. Whatever capacity I found myself in the media, I evolve into it.

In the long run, I guess I can confidently say I have taken the media seriously because it is my life. That created a ripple effect because people in turn have taken me seriously too. It became part of me that for every media job that I got, I put my best foot forward. Now, I already have a knack and flair for the media. For instance, if I was going to do a voice over job, a jingle or any form of promotion, I already had a background experience and a mental picture of what exactly I wanted. And of course, that brings me into the learning of the tricks and trade of being a producer which I have grown into.

A producer’s place is behind the scene. A producer is like a king maker while the king is in the center stage. Production in Nigeria is using what you have to get what you want. We still have some work to do in the media though. It requires a lot of adaptation into changing situation.

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