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Take it or leave it, I have always been super creative since I was born. I started drawing when I was seven. I drew a lot of cartoon characters, especially from the Super Strikers and Cartoon network comic series. I didn’t really pay much attention to it till I got into secondary school. In year 9, my Fine Art teacher made me fall in love with it because he gave students room for self expression in its original state. In line with this new discovery, I decided to pick Fine Art as an IGSCE subject.

Despite the new discovery, I was still at a phase where I had not made up my mind on what exactly to pursue, career wise. It was during my A-levels that I was sure I had a gift for art that was worth pursuing. I went on to attain my degree in Product Design from  the University of Leeds. 

 My degree enhanced my passion for art, by introducing me to digital art in which I found the love to express myself. When you love what you do, there is room to evolve and improve which landed me in mixed media sphere. Over the years and through various experiences I discovered that my favourite medium is oil paint.

One of the beautiful phases I love throughout my journey is the discovery of photorealism. It is interesting and dynamic for me because in my opinion it gives the viewer the privilege of appreciating a captured scene, from a camera lens in addition of viewing the photograph as a painting. 

Though I am still at the beginning of my journey, it has been an interesting, insightful and teeming experience. The first time I had outside interest in my work I was 17 and various people wanted to purchase my pieces. Surprisingly, that was the first I had ever  painted with oil. It was after then that my teacher nudged me to pursue art and told my father I was a prodigy. 

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2 Responses

  1. Ladies in Art… Amazing!!

    I like the fact that she discovered herself and what works for her to make her work exceptional.

    It’s an inspiration

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