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Meet my new friend, Zita. She is one of the most beautiful humans I’ve met in 2018. Last Friday was her mom’s birthday so after I closed for the day, I decided to go celebrate my friend with a beautiful soul. On getting to their house, I couldn’t keep my eyes and hands off baby Zita.But then, the ladies had a lot of catch up to do. She started: ‘so Onyi, how is work? ‘Then of course, you can guess what the next question would be… ‘who’s on board and who’s not? When are we coming? Who is the bobo in charge now? Who is serious and who isn’t serious?’ After she was done with her set of questions, it was finally my turn. The only question I could think of was:

      ‘How do you do it?’

She sighed and gave me a break down of her daily schedule and by the time she was done, I came to a conclusion that motherhood is a full time job on its own! As I was on my way home, I kept on pondering on our discussion. I decided to juxtapose her daily schedule with mine and saw that the difference is clear. My day starts off with my morning devotion, then straight to the kitchen to package my lunch. To the bathroom, dress up and wear a flat footwear(of course  my high heels are always in my other bag) and I hit the road. Once I get to the office, it’s an Okpa and a Five Alive pulpy affair. Then straight to the day’s work. At the end of each day, the battle with the Lagos legendary traffic begins. By the time I’m getting home, its already dark and the street is somewhat dry with a few night crawlers around. I go for fruits as dinner to avoid having a pot belly or at most, I go for something light. Then, I sit on the edge of my bed wondering what to do with body aches while reassuring  myself that Mr. Right will have a workload of massage to do (tell him I said so). Here  comes the shower time and then I put on my nightie and in splits of seconds, with my hands akimbo, I fantasize at what I see – my bed and pillows ( what were you expecting to hear? ndi uwa 😂).I pick up my phone to chat, only to sleep off in between conversations or I quietly turn off my data, maka ndum! ….lest I forget, in between these night activities comes my night prayer.

….The only time I wake up in the night is 2am where I go online and do a research on my personal project. Once I turn on my data, myFacebook indicates I am online. In less  than 5mins,a message pops up, ‘Onyii, why are you awake at this time of the day. It seems you now have an obodo oyibo boyfriend?’…These are the kind of questions I don’t know how to answer. What has research got to do with obodo oyibo boyfriend? Hian.Before I close my eyes again and say Jack Robinson, it’s already morning!

   But these superwomen share the same 24 hours with me taking care of themselves (most of them still slay), taking care of their baby/babies, working so hard in their offices, facing the Lagos legendary traffic, having personal businesses, active members of their churches or various organizations, some pregnant, taking care of their immediate family and their in-laws, going for shopping, cooking for the family, keeping  the home clean, doing house chores, helping their children with assignments and the list goes on and on. Did I forget to mention that they will still have to do ‘gymnastics’ with their husbands on the bed and sometimes, more than one round? (this is not my handwriting 😂😂😂).

so whenever I ask the question, ‘how do you do it?’, I always get the same answer:

‘When you get to that bridge, you will cross it’

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