Onyinye Ubah

finding treasures in junk and waste

Unsure of what was ahead of me but I decided to make a move. I started the year 2010 with a lot of disengagement and distractions. Five years down the line, I began trying out a lot of experimentation and exploration on the use of environmental waste.  I worked on mixed media paintings with the […]


It began one day, quite unplanned. Thoughts began to spin in my head and then I tried to put those thoughts into action. There are things no one teaches you. They come natural. All of a sudden, you see an idea knitting in your head. You begin to put one and two together, and then […]

Uchennaya: The Beauty And Her Painting Brush

I would rather sit around sketching my fantasies than actually help do house chores. That was how indulged I was in my art as a child. Chinelo, my sister, and I would sketch houses and people as kids and that was our own little way of having fun. It was a priceless memory of my […]