Onyinye Ubah

THE YOUNG AND THE CREATIVE December 5, 2020 – Posted in: photography, Showcase

It all started in my secondary school days. Those were the days when Nokia 6212 was still trendy and the in-thing. So, I remember taking pictures of myself and my classroom with that phone. It was a simple phone though, but the pictures were quite outstanding to me. In 2015, I went for a computer training to learn digital printing, word art, Ms Word, Corel draw, graphic designs and e-flyers. There, I discovered a treasure…

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THE VERSATILE REBEL – Posted in: Arts, Showcase

I own my creative space unapologetically. My creative space is my empire and I am the emperor. I direct the canvas and the brush whichever way I like till I get my desired result. I don’t like being told what to do with my creativity. When it comes to art, I can be as rebellious as I want to be without being boxed. Every artist is different and as far as I can remember, art…

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