Onyinye Ubah

Jide Pinheiro: The maestro of pinning down Memories and aura

I have always had an obsession with big brands. It amazes me how big brands like Nike and BMW have remained consistent. The two brands were my biggest influences. My obsession doesn’t end there. I have also wondered how all the elements of their brands are magically held together. In line with this never-ending curiousity, […]

Revving Up your food, plates and palates!

One day, I woke up and got fed up as an office manager. I became fed up with the routine job I had done over the years. 9-5 had suddenly become boring. I knew I was tired and needed something different that I could call my own. I resigned. At first, I gave beauty and […]


You love yummy pictures of food, right? They make you suddenly go hungry and salivate? You are not wrong anyway. Unknowingly to a lot of people, behind every yummy and tasty looking picture of food that you see, there is lots of tremendous work done behind the scene. The life of a food artist requires […]


It all started in my secondary school days. Those were the days when Nokia 6212 was still trendy and the in-thing. So, I remember taking pictures of myself and my classroom with that phone. It was a simple phone though, but the pictures were quite outstanding to me. In 2015, I went for a computer […]

Etinosa Yvonne: Using Her ‘Superpowers’ to Dig Up Untold Stories

My perception about photography changed right from the day I followed up a story about a lady with vesicovaginal fistula. It was an unimaginable sight where her urine was leaking out of her vagina uncontrollably. Only few people wanted to be around. Her husband doesn’t speak good English. I followed them all through their journey […]

Beauty Portrayed At Every Click

Eureka! That is the shout I give when I find a shot that is not common to human perception. Whenever, I hold the camera, which is the idea I look out for. I didn’t start out to become a photographer. It all started when Instagram was created for the sole aim of posting photos taken […]

Popping melanin With A Flash

On one certain day, I was standing close to a house that was demolished. Everyone around me brought out their phones to capture the picture of the demolition. As weird as it might sound, I always had the fear of using my phone to take a picture. Surprisingly, that day was quite different. I could […]