Onyinye Ubah

With an educational background in Fine art, it is easy to say that photography and fine art are related. I didn’t become a photographer immediately after my studies. I worked in Leadership Newspapers where I worked as the graphics editor. It was during that period I first laid my hands on the camera but it was not love at first sight. So, I didn’t take photography seriously.

After a while, it dawned on me that I could make something good of a camera and that was how my journey started. I saw I could interpret good memories using a flash. I took a bold step and resigned from my job.

Truth be told, it was not rosy in the beginning. The transition was clouded with uncertainty but I just pressing on. In time, the picture of my path became clearer and it became glaring that I have a knack for fashion photography, portrait and event photography. So far, those have been my niche.

Meanwhile, I didn’t get any form of discouragement. The field of photography is quite broad as well the room for improvement and excellence. Personally, I see photography not just from the technical side of it but from the artistic angle where a flash gives an interpretation and a better understanding of life.

Apart from editing, photography is a crazy life in a good way. Crazy, in the sense of working hand in hand with hair stylists, makeup artists, event planners and fashion stylists is fun and interesting.

One of those remarkable about photography and every shoot are the crazy moments in between but the results make the craze worth it.

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