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I am a helpless lover of chocolates. In time, I decided to bring the chocolatey experience into skin care. Right from way back, I have always been the go-to person for anything that has to do with beauty and skin care. Everyone around me took pleasure in me giving information and advice about beauty products.

The love for fragrances, scented candles, perfume and body sprays lured me deeper into the beauty world. In 2018, my good friend, Uriel Oputa suggested that I switch my beauty advice into a professional level that could start spinning for me.

From there, I started a blog I called Ndali Modebe’s blog. I was posting content on beauty, health and skin care tips. Surprisingly, my friend, Uriel was still not satisfied with me having a blog alone. She nudged me into making product that could fetch me incomes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The nudge was what gave birth to Hazel Oil.

The name Hazel Oil was got from the shape and colour of my eyes which looks like a hazel itself. That is the reason I always go for models with hazel and chocolate skin colour.

In developing my products, I had to bring in what I love into it which is chocolate. The influence of chocolate sweets, fragrances that smell of chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate colours – everything that has traits of chocolate! This love for chocolates triggered me to make products that smell nice and would make people to take their baths every thirty minutes.

Being a person with a sensitive skin, I am extremely careful with skin products. I make sure all the products are mild and do not cause any reaction. Before handing out any product to our customers, I run a skin care analysis on my customers, skin types and sensitivity, hereditary factors and medical history. This is to make sure we are giving the right product to the right skin type. A follow up on our customers is the source of my improvement.

I created a range of organic products from eucalyptus oil (healing oil), sheer butter oil, chocolate oil, coconut oil and Vitamin E oil.

Our range of products include:

Hazel Remedy

Hazel Beards Oils

Hazel Honey Mint Scrub

Hazel Avocado Mint Scrub

Hazel Pure Chocolate Scrub

Hazel Hair Food Oil

Hazel Premium Gold Oils Limited Edition

Hazel Lip Care Series

Hazel Oats and Honey Black Soap

Hazel Wild Orchid bath Series

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