Onyinye Ubah

The easiest way to catch my attention even when in a mammoth crowd is to wear a very attractive dress. Once you see my head turning, it’s always pointing at a direction of a beautifully made dress.  I get inspired by the beautiful dresses I see; especially on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms. I get inspired by every talented fashion designer because they amaze me in so many ways and their works make me want to do better. Their finesse and creativity has a way of pushing me to create inspired designs.

As soon as I hit the ground running, I noticed something surreal. My designs had the tendency to get some attraction. Originally, I didn’t start with multiple styling, it came along the way. The more I made designs, the more I saw myself exploring and experimenting until I discovered multi styling. It felt good; my designs tend to get some attraction originally since I started designing, even way before I started the multiple styling. Being a fashion designer makes me feel like I’m in my element but even better

The little step I have taken in starting my own brand has actually paved a way for me though I’m still in the process of finding myself and realizing my potentials. But there is this little secret: Every dress I make makes me feel like I was meant for the world of fashion designing. When I’m trying to create dresses like this, sometimes it takes me weeks to come up with something, other times it takes days. First, I start drawing it out with whatever comes to mind, sometimes I start with the sleeves then draw the body later, or start with the neck or something and complete it when I figure out what I want it to look like . But also I make changes along the way when I start sewing to make it more perfect and sometimes I make mistakes which I actually go along with and at the end, it usually works for the dress.

In the coming years, I see my brand as a top worldwide brand and the go-to brand for fashion items because I plan to expand beyond just female wears , I see my business doing really well and much bigger with over 50 branches in different parts of the world . I also look forward to being featured on big international blogs at the moment.

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