Onyinye Ubah

I didn’t plan it out. It all started as a hobby. I loved cooking and baking as a young little girl. As little as I was, I discovered I have the passion for making cakes. I could do it effortlessly without any hassles.  Years passed and I took the professional path to be trained as a lawyer. Law is a passion for me and I have been eager to get to the pinnacle. Early in the year, I finally got my PhD in Corporate Law and it was a dream come true.

While babysitting my second child, I decided to get busy and fine tune the baking skills I gained in secondary school as a food and nutrition student. When I went back to work, somehow, I continued. During the days I didn’t have any court case to attend, I would bake cake. When I started baking, people loved my cake because it turned out yummy and tasty. But then, it still wasn’t easy. The starting point was quite shaky because I needed a standing mixer and an oven which wasn’t easy for me to get at that point. Secondly, some people’s attitude towards me also discouraged me. I found out there were people who could not draw the line of familiarity and business. I was left with the task to do that for them if I was going to be successful in this business.

Contrary to people’s perception, actually, my doctorate degree has enhanced my status as a baker. When people get to know me as a lawyer and as a PhD holder also, they are wowed and would always be curious how I get to combine family, academics, legal practice and baking. In truth, juggling these four major heavyweights is quite tedious. My client base has increased incredibly beyond what I had expected and I am left with clash of interest.

Sadly, there are times I have to let go of some orders in order to create a balance. When I started off, I wanted just a few client I could manage so I can juggle other aspects of my life but here you have it been overloading with orders. I now have people working for me in order to meet the orders coming in droves. Apart from cakes, I bake other pastries like small chops, meat pie, doughnuts, chin chin. I think this stage of my life has really made me believe you can achieve anything you want to achieve as long as you are passionate about it.

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  1. I can imagine how tedious it is. But you combine it all with Grace and inspire us to be more.

    Well done ma’am.

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