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Focusing on children photography did not start overnight. I was desperately looking for a fall back option or an aside venture that could go hand-in-hand with my full time regular job. During that period, I was also planning my wedding and that was when I met a photographer that handled my wedding coverage. While having a conversation with him, he told me how he left his regular job to pursue his passion in photography.

Not too long after, I delved into photography as a second profession. Right from the word go, I had always loved children photography because of my love for children though I was also intrigued by wedding pictures as well. In time, I had to add some creativity to spice up my pictures and that was when I met Yemi Disu of four23 Photography and that was the turning point for me in photography.

I tell most people aspiring to be photographers that if you come into photography solely with the mindset of making money, you would burn out quickly. Whether as a hobby or profession, photography is quite expensive – from acquiring gear to gaining the required skill set and knowledge or getting the post processing tools required to make your work stand out, they all cost a lot of money. You would need passion to keep driving you even when things are not looking up.

Unlike the popular perception that a photographer would just come to take a child’s picture, people forget that there is so much work done in the background. Children are not predictable. On some occasion, they are calm, some other time, they would cry all through the shoot.

There are some scenario I would have to wait for hours just to capture a compelling image.  As a photographer, you have to be gentle, playful and fast enough to capture beautiful moments.

Children’s photograph involves a lot of background work especially in the planning phase. The actual time it takes to press your shutter on the camera may just be a fraction of time you spend trying to plan for the image. If an image tells a compelling story to my target audience, for me, that’s a definition of a beautiful image.

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