Onyinye Ubah

I came into the fashion industry by coincidence. I came to Ghana when I was 17 as a football player. Funnily, I studied Sports, Management and business in the Netherlands but fashion has taken over everything now. When I was 21, I took over a volunteering organization and started organizing volunteering work for International youth in Ghana. Unfortunately, Ebola came to West Africa and businesses went down. As an alternative, I decided to work with Tailors in Ghana. I didn’t have the knowledge then, so, I started with some pillow cases and bags. From then, I collaborated with fashion interns.

Coming to Africa has been a wonderful experience. Coming into the fashion world came with its own set of challenges but what kept me and still keeps me going is my goal to establish an international African fashion brand produced in Africa and suitable for everyone.

At the moment, I also collaborate with a creative team in Netherlands. There is a popular saying that the teeth and the tongue play interdependent roles in the mouth. They may come into conflicts but they need to come together. That saying for me symbolises the African fabrics and the Dutch designs. We combine a minimalist design with African fabrics, printed in the country where produce. As a designer, I go for clean African fabrics like GTP Safoa to get the timeless, minimal look without looking at the fashion trends. I believe it’s more important for us that the items are unique and convenient for all seasons.

In all, entrepreneurship for me is a strong belief that I want to follow my dreams without having to reflect myself on someone else. That doesn’t mean I don’t get inspired by other designers.

The African fashion industry is growing and we are growing quite fast too. I look forward to having a production sites in many African countries and some shops in Europe and America.

To give back to the community, I look forward to set up a concept of production and education. What that means is that I work with experienced tailors who would teach youths who can’t get regular education. By making them participate in the production process, we can offer them a free education.

 William Wubben (Ghana)

Owner of Amakwan2fo fashion


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