Onyinye Ubah

Overtime, I don’t just see well-designed buildings as a mere physical structure. I see a defined piece of timeless art. If there was an unofficial orientation I have had over the years, it should be the orientation that whatever I do, I do it well. It’s the perfectionist side of me that might irritate some people though, but it’s just who I am. If I wasn’t an architect, I would have still been a creative person to the fullest of my potential. I have always had a thing for drawing in my late primary school and early secondary school. In subjects like Introduction to technology, Fine art and Integrated Science, I did so well because they involved drawings. In all these things, I never knew I would be an architect. From the environment I grew up in, most people ended up in the petroleum sector, one way or the other. Port-Harcourt is a hub for petroleum engineers, geologist and other related fields. So, when it was time to choose a course in the university, I had the option to choose between Civil engineering and Architecture. After much consideration, I opted for architecture. Never for once have I ever regretted it.

 I did not become an architect overnight. The journey was a buildup of both pleasant and unpleasant experiences that I never knew was leading me to this point. After secondary school, I went on to be trained in computer desktop publishing. There, I learnt about making flyers and of course, graphic designs that took me back to drawing. The bulk of these experiences is still of relevance to me, though they have been upgraded. During my University days, I participated in the Unilever Idea Trophy where I was one of the finalist. Later, after my graduation, I found myself as a graduate trainee in Unilever but then, the passion for architecture was still calling. The passion for buildings, fixtures and lighting drove me to work in a real estate company and later got another job in an Interior design company for a year or so. In between the series of employment I had over the years, architecture was still there in the picture. It was after then that I moved into full time architecture where I have been thriving since then.

Nevertheless, as much as architecture is quite a science and an art, there is still no value for our intellectual property here in Nigeria compared to the energy and efforts poured into it. Also, let’s not forget the issue of under pricing compared to the tedious work involved in this profession. Notwithstanding, the driving force for me is the passion. I just enjoy designing. It’s something I don’t struggle to do. It’s just like blood flowing in your vein. It’s beautiful to imagine and see a beautiful fusion of nature, sustainability, ambience, space and timeless infused in a building.

Like a dream come true, Aptic Shelters was incorporated in 2016 with the purpose of chasing my dreams in architecture hands down.

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