Onyinye Ubah

On one certain day, I was standing close to a house that was demolished. Everyone around me brought out their phones to capture the picture of the demolition. As weird as it might sound, I always had the fear of using my phone to take a picture. Surprisingly, that day was quite different. I could not tell how exactly how I was able to overcome that fear. I painstakingly took out my phone from my pocket and took a picture. I was awed by the image my phone captured. That single action ushered me into the world of photography.

From then on, I embarked on a mission to showcase melanin until I got amazing contract with Google. My life changed when I did a shoot for Google country manager in Lagos.

My drive comes from the fact that  I love the original black skin. It looks like gold to me and who doesn’t look gold? The black skin is amazing and I always feel it is underrated.

Most people have oily skin especially when they are in the sun and there is this shine that comes with the skin. So, anytime I am behind the camera, the beautiful image of an oily undertone is what I see.

It was memorable and triggered me to keep striving. My kind of photography is built around emotions and experiences. Before I take pictures, a lot of thoughts flood through my mind – you know how we do our usual daily activities, going to different places, watching movies, relationships and other drama we experience in life. All these experiences end up sitting in my mind when I hold a camera. I use photography as a form to express my experiences.

I see pictures as expressions encapsulated in images and colours. With colours, I help viewers to connect with the image and emotions.

As much as photography is fun, I’ve some bad days too. It’s just like a romantic relationship. There are good days and there are bad days too. On some bad days, I get creative blocks where I will not be able to think of an idea. On such days, I take a walk and listen to music

It may surprise you to know that in the beginning, some people didn’t like my edits and concept. I wouldn’t blame them because I was learning myself. Fortunately, their criticism helped in building me to improve on my skills till I got here.

Oluwatomi Oluwaponle O’nezer – Ezer Gallery

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