Onyinye Ubah

OMOWUNMI AROLE, THE MAKE UP REBEL March 8, 2021 – Posted in: Beauty, Showcase

Makeup came into my life as a refuge and an escape. I was going through a lot that year and I just needed a release. I wanted something different from everything else in my life and makeup was it for me. The fact they I could change my look at any given time was everything for me. I always been a makeup lover but I was always scared on trying it on my face during…

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I have always lived in the land of the rising sun, the eastern part of Nigeria. Somehow, the thought of life after university was quite scary for me. It was a situation one could be left hanging. The fear of what to do with the professional life ahead of you and the huge expectation of people around you was capable of giving a sleepless night. That was the battle I found myself in, where I…

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A Lady On A Mission To End Baldness! November 14, 2020 – Posted in: Beauty, Showcase, Women

I started balding badly due to the stress at work . Over time, I noticed the centre of my head was losing hair. I went to the hair store and bought the products I could find. Still, I was still curious to get products here in the United States that can grow hair and also contain natural ingredients such as herbs and essential oils. It was in the process of my curiousity I made further…

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Black Girl Magic: A secret wrapped In Hazel Oil July 26, 2020 – Posted in: Beauty, Showcase

I am a helpless lover of chocolates. In time, I decided to bring the chocolatey experience into skin care. Right from way back, I have always been the go-to person for anything that has to do with beauty and skin care. Everyone around me took pleasure in me giving information and advice about beauty products. The love for fragrances, scented candles, perfume and body sprays lured me deeper into the beauty world. In 2018, my…

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